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Mandate Of The Commission
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State Commission For Protection Of Child Right
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State Commission For Protection Of Child Right

Bihar Commission for Protection of Child Rights (BSCPCR) has been setup in September, 2010 as a statutory body under Commission for Protection of Child Rights Act 2005 (4 of 2006) to protect, promote and defend child rights in the state.

The commission visualize a rights based perspective flowing into national policies and programmes, along with nuanced responses at the state, district and block levels, taking care of specifities and strength of each reason.

In order to touch every child, it seeks a deeper penetration to communities and households and expects that the ground experiences informed the support the field receives from all the authorities at the higher level. Thus the commission sees and indispensable role for the state, sound institution building processes, respect for decentralization at the level of the local bodies at the community level and larger societal concerned for children and their well being.

Thank you to recognising our very first web presence, We are still in the process of fine tuning, your suggestion / feedback will certainly enrich our this effort. Welcome!!!

Pariksha Parv
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